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There is no general funding for the EWGGD. Hitherto, the management in between meetings has been informal and conducted on a voluntary basis. For the workshops, held every two years, funding is requested through grants from the European Union as well as unrestricted funds from pharmaceutical companies.

These companies can in turn exhibit their products in between sessions and, when considered important for the Gaucher community, may be invited to present new developments as part of the scientific program. Industrial partners do not contribute to the work of the international or local scientific committees – the latter convened to assist with the programme development for individual Workshops.

The most recent meeting which was held in Zaragoza in June/July, 2016, was sponsored by Shire, Sanofi Genzyme and Pfizer. The overall proportion of industry and non-industry income was 72% and 28%, respectively, with a percentage of the highest contribution from a single company of 33%.


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