Professor Marc Berger, France

Haematology Department of Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital


POSITION: Head of the Biological Haematology Department of Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital

AFFILIATION:  Director of the Equipe d’Accueil EA7453 CHELTER, Université Clermont Auvergne
Member of the French Gaucher Disease expert group (Comité d’Evaluation du Traitement de la maladie de Gaucher, CETG), Scientific coordinator of the French national Gaucher disease sample bank.

WORKING/RESEARCH FOCUS: As a medical biologist, Prof. Berger manages a laboratory for the diagnosis and monitoring of haematological diseases, leads the haematology research team (EA 7453 CHELTER) at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, and has maintained a consultation activity during which he sees patients with Gaucher disease. He has been President of the French group of experts on Gaucher disease for 6 years, has been involved in all aspects of this disease, and has participated in the structuring of research activities on this disease in France. In this framework, he coordinates the national biological collection of samples from several laboratories specialized in the monitoring of rare diseases, particularly Gaucher disease. Therefore, the activity of the Clermont-Ferrand centre is integrated in the G2M Rare Disease Care Network certified by the French Ministry of Health.

WHAT IS THE EWGGD FOR ME? “As a member of the EWGGD board since 2016, I am firmly convinced that this academic network is extremely valuable, unique, and that together, we can optimize knowledge on this rare disease for the patients’ benefit. Many ideas have emerged within the EWGGD board elected in Clermont-Ferrand in July 2019, animated with energy by Prof. D. Hugues, and I am very optimistic about the future work, the projects we will elaborate, and the collaborations we will be able to establish through our privileged relationship with the international patients’ association. Being part of this adventure is an honour and an unique opportunity. I hope that many of you will join us and work together to improve the life of patients with Gaucher disease.”